HNE Ti-line_black

Trendsetting models from the Ti-line Collection build a bridge between the worlds of nature and technology. Warm, natural horn and wood shades are revamped, becoming almost weightless, when combined with clean, understated metal components in cool titanium. The result is a delicate style, with clear lines, naturalness and fine details.

Nature’s wintry minimalism provides the inspiration for the new Ti-line models presented at Silmo 2018 by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear. The look: puristic design in genuine horn and titanium, ultralight and strong, with must-have styles and a great selection of colourways.

There are no showy logos on the Ti-line models – just like on all other models from Hoffmann Natural Eyewear, the lack of logos is an intentional aspect of the collection’s concept. The design and quality speak for themselves.

The horn professionals from our atelier in the Volcanic Eifel once more prove their eyewear handcrafting expertise with the Ti-line series. Uniting frame materials that are rich in contrast, a timeless, simple elegance is achieved. The skin-friendly characteristics and exclusive haptic make for unmatched comfort – natural eyewear luxury that can be worn every day.