40 Years - Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

2018 – Hoffmann Natural Eyewear turns 40!

To mark the occasion Hoffmann has conceived a special Anniversary Collection as a design project.

Six frames from the various “Hoffmann eras“ have been given a fresh interpretation. Original designs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and one from today provided the inspiration as Hoffmann turned yesterday into today.

Charm, looks and lifestyle from each decade awaken to new life, with a contemporary, richer take on “old“ highlights thanks to modern technology. The result: retro-inspired, wearable new models paying tribute to the spectacles of past decades that made history, enjoyed huge success and finally made Hoffmann what it is today.

40 – I


A shape inspired by the 70‘s with a striking, cunningly layered double bridge. Some would say this is a pure distillation of the pilot form, but others would claim it’s “pure integrity“.

The Original from the 70’s

40 – II


Oversize says hi! Curvy, feminine and great in the true sense of the word. This 80‘s look is back! The frame speaks in delicate accents and whispers in shades of harmony.

The Original from the 80’s

40 – III


Geometric, sharp and masculine. All packaged in one masterly browline. Layer effects set the scene for this rectangular 90‘s character and carry the style forwards for today‘s look.

The Original from the 90’s

40 – IV


Super supra with a natural touch. That‘s Hoffmann! The brilliancy of the natural horn grain gives it a special buzz. The 2000‘s, first decade of the new millenium, were renowned for their material minimalism. Reminiscent of – today!

The Original from the 2000’s

40 – V


Ten years ago we asked “A little bit more on the sides?“  These chunky temples would be so out today that only minimalism can provide an answer. And so we give this evergreen shape a delicate frame. Bevels and a delicious tiramisu of contrasting horn layers display artistic skill à la Hoffmann in gorgeous detail.

The Original from the 2010’s

40 – VI

Here and Now

Welcome to the here and now. Get it on and cut it off! This frame grabs you with its bold shape and the ultra-matte horn finish. Who needs rimless when you can have rims like these!

The Original from today