Natural Horn

Genuine horn is a tried and tested material for eyewear and is one of the oldest frame materials in the world. Hoffmann Natural eyewear uses the horn of the Asian water buffalo.

The special way that light is reflected and the warm enticing appearance of the horn are inimitable.

The unparalleled grain and hues speak for themselves, and the wearer can choose from a multitude of horn shades. The spectrum ranges from grey and anthracite tones to shades of brown and even white horn. And what is more, horn can be coloured using natural dyes so that innumerous shades can be incorporated into the eyewear concept.

This natural material is worked with a great love of detail. Hoffmann Natural Eyewear creates buffalo horn frames of an incomparable lightness combined with high stability.

Genuine horn frames are exceptionally comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for people with skin allergies.