Perfection by sustainability

An underlying principle of Hoffmann Natural Eyewear’s philosophy is being aware of nature’s needs and resources and actively protecting these.

For the handcrafting of Hoffmann natural horn frames the horn of the Asian water buffalo is used. In Asia this is a domesticated animal. These animals do not come under the Washington species protection convention (CITES). The water buffalo is an indispensible part of agricultural life in many parts of the globe, used as a four-legged tractor to pull ploughs and harrows, aid in carrying water and threshing grain, and pull carts. The water buffalo is also essential for the inhabitants of the rice-growing regions of Asia. In addition to their muscle-power, the animals provide milk, leather and their valuable horn as by-products. As the water buffalo is an honoured animal and extremely important for the people living in these countries, it is a matter of course that the buffalo are not killed for their horn.