S-line Collection

Individual and handmade from natural horn. From avant-garde to timeless – with an unparalleled palette of colours and shades, as well as frequent new designs, this Hoffmann collection has been captivating enthusiasts all over the world since 1978. The look and feel of the frames reveal their individual character.


V-line Collection

Our technical know-how and handcrafting skill are clearly demonstrated by the V-line models. Thanks to the specially developed Triplex Horn ® technology, the lightest and thinnest natural horn frames on the market are created. At the same time, the highest demands on quality, stability and design are fulfilled.


Ti-line Collection

With the Ti-line, Hoffmann makes a strong statement for the versatility and diversity of horn. This classic natural material is combined with titanium and achieves an uncluttered look with clear lines, naturalness and flair.

40-II 928-1-928


Six frames from the various “Hoffmann eras“ have been given a fresh interpretation. Original designs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and one from today provided the inspiration as Hoffmann turned yesterday into today.

BLOC IV - 946-1

Horn Extreme

At the vibrant end of the eyewear spectrum BLOC waits to impress you!

Sarah Settgast by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear - Josephine Baker SPH16

Sarah Settgast-line

Starting out in the 1920s and now after 100 years, we kick-off a very special comeback.