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Helpful Know-How from us for you

Natural horn frames need different handling than acetate or metal models, but with a littlepractice it’s quite easy. We have found many ways to support our customers: We offer detailed information and advice on the models and materials right from the first encounter with the collection, whether at an optical trade fair or at an appointment in your own store with one of our experienced sales representatives. We supply practice material (temples and fronts of various types) so that you and your team have the chance to try your hand at working with horn. We provide lots of information and tips in our comprehensive glazing instructions, which cover the Ti-line, S-line and V-line series. Both the Ti-line and V-line frames have special solutions using metal parts, which make glazing these horn frames even easier.

Refurbishment supports the idea of sustainability

We offer a variety of solutions for the repair and refurbishment of natural horn frames. This extends the frame’s life, making it more sustainable and making it even better long- term value. When buying exclusive glasses created from natural materials from Hoffmann Natural Eyewear, you can look forward to a special spectacle experience, and thanks to the wide range of styles and colourways there is always something new to discover in the collection.

The team at Hoffmann

Of course our team at Hoffmann is glad to provide opticians with advice and information on all aspects of natural horn frames. Our confidence and trust in our glasses is also reflected in the fact that members of the Hoffmann family often stay with us for two
or three decades – or even longer! We have representatives who have been showing our natural horn frames for up to 25 years – something we think is a rare achievement in today’s fast-paced world!