A sustainable tradition

At Hoffmann Natural Eyewear we’re totally in tune with the concept of sustainability −and not just since Greta Thunberg got people moving with the “Fridays for Future” demos and forced the world to rethink its stand on the environment. Time’s getting short for our planet! But what about us as a company?

Hoffmann has been going from strength to strength for more than four decades thanks to its sustainable production methods. For us, today’s way of thinking is not new: this was already a fundamental principle when the company was founded in 1978, and now, more than 40 years later, it is still an essential part of our company concept. That is why our philosophy at Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is to keep a watchful eye on nature and its resources and, whenever necessary, to stand up and protect them.

We love and live the creation of environmentally-friendly, handmade, natural material frames. The most important material for our eyewear creations is natural horn, usually the horn of the Asian water buffalo. The horn is sustainably sourced, in harmony with nature. In this way the horn becomes a valuable raw material instead of being lost as a “leftover product”. In addition to natural horn, wood is also used for certain models –this is a renewable resource and a natural basis for spectacle frames. Our handcrafting methods are also a contributing factor for a positive environmental balance. The concept of sustainability also goes beyond the glasses themselves. For example, our production roomsare both heated and cooled with a geothermal system − an extremely environmentally- friendly solution. Another, completely different step is our concept for replacing presents for customers with a donation to a local charity. Near our premises there is a Wild Bird Sanctuary, where sick or injured birds, bats and even hedgehogs can be brought to be treated and tended before they are returned to the wild. This is a great project and we are proud to support it! In the 21st century, everyone is talking about sustainability, and the employees of Hoffmann Natural Eyewear also strive to use nature’s valuable treasures as sparingly as possible in their everyday work. Whether they’re moving towards “paperless offices” with the help of new technologies or saving CO2 emissions by carpooling − everysmall step is valuable and brings us all closer to our goal.