Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

The Original since 1978

“Many people like to see their spectacles as a kind of window. They allow a clear view of things.
At the same time, they give others an insight into the wearer’s personal lifestyle – and identity.”

Since 1978, we have been creating luxurious eyewear in our atelier.
From natural materials. By hand. With finesse and passion.

Individuality you can see and feel.





Handmade in Germany




Natural materials

photo SPECTR MAGAZINE / Stefan Dongus

40 Years - Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

2018 – Hoffmann Natural Eyewear turns 40!

To mark the occasion Hoffmann has conceived a special Anniversary Collection as a design project.

Six frames from the various “Hoffmann eras“ have been given a fresh interpretation. Original designs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and one from today provided the inspiration as Hoffmann turned yesterday into today.

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Ti-line by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

Naturalness meets minimalism. Minimal, flexible, contemporary
design unites with the natural radiance of genuine horn.

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Ralph Vaessen by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

“Contemporary classics for the discerning connoisseur.”

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Cercle de soleil Collection Fall 2017

Sunglasses with a touch of extravagance and wanderlust. The models from the “Cercle du Soleil” series play with ambitious layered effects and finishes. Perfectly round and inspired by the seventies, their ingenious details and the authentic grain of natural horn step into the spotlight. Each handmade frame is unique – ready to walk on to life’s stage.

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Gold Rush Collection

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear has succeeded in creating a shining example of expert handcrafting with their Gold Rush Collection – handmade natural horn frames, enhanced by finest gold. The result is subtly glamorous, enchanting the beholder and unrivalled in the eyewear field.


Individual and handmade from natural horn.

Our technical know-how and handcrafting skill are clearly demonstrated by the V-line models.

With the Ti-line, Hoffmann makes a strong statement for the versatility and diversity of horn.

Six frames from the various “Hoffmann eras“ have been given a fresh interpretation.

Extravagant yet sophisticated sunglasses and eyewear.